HOPPY NILES | Guitar, Lead Vocals

100x100_hopA native of Guthrie, Oklahoma, Hoppy is renowned in the music industry not only for his powerful guitar playing, but also for his impressive vocals and command of the stage in a live performance. What makes this all even more amazing is the fact that Hoppy lost his right hand in an accident when he was 5 years old. Playing guitar with his left hand, and a shiny steel hook for his right, Hoppy always presented a powerful image and lasting impression to any Rock & Roll band he fronted. Whether playing with Marble Phrogg* in the late 60’s or fronting one of Chicago’s most influential rock groups, Pin Ups in the 80’s, Hoppy continued to make quite a name for himself. He was voted “Best Local Guitarist in Chicago in 1982” and opened for major acts such as, John Cougar Mellancamp, R.E.O. Speedwagon, Johnny Winter, Ten Years After, Vanilla Fudge and Cheap Trick, just to name a few. Hoppy’s years of hard road-work and consistently great shows solidified his reputation as one of the country’s most impressive rock and roll performers.

RICK GEORGE | Lead Guitar, Vocals

100x100_rickBorn and raised in El Reno, Oklahoma, Rick has been playing guitar since he was 14. In the mid 70’s Rick formed the band Van Grundy and performed around the Oklahoma-Texas area for almost 5 years. Changing the name of the band to Fingers, and concentrating on writing original songs, the group was signed to a small record company.  Fingers released the album Video Games in 1982 and appeared with national groups such as U2, Huey Lewis and The News, The Professionals (members of the Sex Pistols), Todd Rundgren and The Stray Cats.  During the last 15 years Rick has played guitar in various bands including Big Bang Theory, Lucky Dog, and Zoom City. “Playing with Uncle Zep is an incredible experience.” Rick says, “ These guys are such great players, it really keeps me on my toes!”

EDGAR CRUZ | Bass and Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Oklahoma virtuoso guitarist Edgar Cruz has performed professionally for over four decades and has played throughout America, Europe, Mexico and South America. He has been a headliner at the prestigious Chet Atkins Guitar Festival every July in Nashville since 1995 and has been a strong icon at major art & music festivals in his home state of since the late 70’s. Cruz offers an incredible versatile repertoire and show with selections like “Malagueña,”  “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Classical Gas,”  “Hotel California,” Classic Rock, classical, jazz, standards, country & western, pop, easy listening, Beatles, original and many Latin favorites. Edgar celebrates 30 years of recording with 19 CDs covering a multitude of genres and two Award Winning DVDs. He has acquired millions of hits and grateful comments on his You Tube channel. He played bass with his brother Mark Anthony Cruz in Highschool covering mostly Led Zeppelin. Also guitarron (mexican bass) with his father Manuel Cruz and was on scholarship at Oklahoma City University performing string bass with the orchestra, broadway musicals, operas and jazz band. He has two active facebook pages as well as his official website www.edgarcruz.com.

THE WALKER TWINS | Guitar, Keyboards, Mandolin, Drums, Vocals

They started playing the ukulele in Hawaii at age nine. Influenced by their older brothers and the rock revolution of the 60s, Steven and his identical twin, Stanley, played in bands throughout Europe, Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Oklahoma.  In 1977, the they joined the Oklahoma City band, Osage, one of the most respected bands in Oklahoma and known for extraordinary musicianship. In 1981 they opened Walker Recording Studio and in 1985 created Walker Recorded Acoustics, a digital drum system used by bands such as Mr. Mister, Quite Riot, Journey, Wings and Hollie Knight.  Throughout the ’80s, ’90s and into the new century they continued performing in bands Citizen, The Nickels, Boss Twead, The Paul Warren Project, Loose Change and The Shane Henry Band.

* The 1968 album released by Marble Phrogg is listed as one of “The 100 Most Valuable Albums” according to Goldmine magazine.